martedì 1 dicembre 2009


In this letter i'll tell you everything about my school.
- In my school there are about 250;
- I have 10 sudjects;
- I have to stay at school 5 hours all the week;
- My 3 favourite subjects are: italian, drawing and mathematics because are interesting;
- Three subjects I don't like atìre geography, biology and history because are boring;
- My 3 favourite teachers Faliero, Dichio and Di Palma.
- My 3 best friends are Ilenia, Nicola and Cosimo;
- At my school I like the simplicity of the people there are, but I don't like people who pretend very;
- My class is unique, from the first day I found it very nice because I have found many every good friends;
- There have been many events in school, the most recent was the exit to the " circolo velico", a very nice experience,
- I am good at , I also study and good grades;
- The architect would like to make in the future to try and engage.

mercoledì 18 novembre 2009



I :



Monday: physics, chemistry, italian, history, mathematics
Tuesday: chemistry, italian, biology, english, english
Wednesday: mathematics, religious, biology, italian, mathematics
Thursday: drawing, drawing, biology, chemistry, physical education
Friday: biology, mathematics, physical, history, physica education
Saturday: civics, italian, drawing, drawing, english

martedì 17 novembre 2009


A-apple- I like appleS
B-bucycle- I usually, ride bicycle
C- children- I love children
D- dog- My dog's name's Black
E- english- I like english language
F- friendships- Love and friendship are beatiful feelings

G- generous- He is generous
H- haircut- My haircut is new
I- intelligent- My friends and I are intelligent
J- jeans- My jeans are blue
K- king prawn I ate king prawn
L- look- I look my teacher
M- mate- My favourite mate is Francesca
N- nice- This boy is nice
O- orange- My t-shirt is orange
P- people- These people are my freinds
Q- quiet- This girl is quiet
R- red- My new jacket is red
S- sport- My favourite sport is swimming
T- tomorrow- Tomorrow, I play tennis
U- unknown- He is unknown for me
V- very- Riccardo Scamarcio is very famous for people
W- write- I write a letter for my friends
X- xilophone- My favourite strument is xilophone
Y- yellow- My shorts are yellow
Z- zebra- The zebra is black and white

martedì 3 novembre 2009


In this letter i will introduce myself to you. I am a fiftheen year old girl. My surname is Ricci and my first name is Emanuela. People call me Manu. I have one sister. I live in Bernalda with my parents. I like swimming and I don't like playing football. I am in the second ITCG. I think I am spontaneous. I like people who are boring. I was born in Massafra. My eyes are green. My hair is brown. It is long and straight. I am mediumsize.

:=) :=) BYE...BYE....!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :=) :=)